Ukraine bans Bruno movie, gives no reason
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Ukraine bans Bruno movie, gives no reason

14 Jul, 03:21 PM

The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Tourism has banned a distribution and sales of the US pseudo-documentary comedy film Bruno, produced by rowdy English actor Sacha Baron Cohen, Russian website reports. There are no reports about reasons for the prohibition yet.

The movie was planned to come out on the Ukrainian market on July 23. Sacha Baron Cohen, who also produced and cowrote the movie, stars as the flamboyant gay Austrian fashion journalist Bruno. The main character is fired from his show after disrupting a catwalk show during Milan Fashion week. Accompanied by his assistant's assistant he travels to the United States to become a superstar.

The film abounds in filthy language and obscene scenes, which have been cut in some European countries. The film was given an R rating (under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) in the USA and an NC-17 rating (no children under 17 admitted) in the UK.

During the film, Bruno shows his penis and parodies gay-porn in one of the scenes. 

Following the sudden death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, a scene from Bruno was hastily removed from the film before its Hollywood premiere later that evening. The scene involved Bruno tricking La Toya Jackson into an interview where he asked her to take a seat on hunched-over Mexican workers substituting for chairs and invited her to eat sushi from the back of a naked man. Bruno then proceeded to steal her mobile phone in order to get her brother Michael's phone number. The scene was later confirmed to be removed from the film permanently, although a similar scene involving Paula Abdul did make it into the final cut of the film.

The Russian distributors plan to start sale of the film on July 23.


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