14,000 objects missing from Russian museums
Viktor Petrakov   /  Photo: www.caoinform.ru

14,000 objects missing from Russian museums

16 Jul, 05:17 PM

A commission to inventory Russian museums uncovered 14,181 missing objects in the first quarter of the year, Gazeta.ru reports, citing Viktor Petrakov, deputy head of the Russian agency that supervises the preservation of cultural valuables. The commission inspected 1,330 museums throughout Russia in that time.

The inventory commission was set up in 2006, after the discovery of the disappearance of 221 objects from the Russian section of the Hermitage. Many of them were stolen. 31 of those objects have since been recovered and the work of the commission goes on.

Petrakov noted that about 3000 of these objects disappeared from Russian museums during World War II. About 500 of them are known to have been destroyed. The whereabouts of another 9000 is a mystery.

A certain number of the objects may be missing on paper only, however. Petrakov noted that insufficient records have been kept of transfers between museums. He also noted the case of the Museum of Sports, in which only 187 artefacts in the museum have been catalogued. There are 80,000 exhibits in total.

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