Oksana Pochepa posing topless for an adult magazine   /   Photo: www.oksana-pochepa.ru

Singer Oksana Pochepa

Russian pop star Oksana Pochepa is a hot petite brunette who claims she is the one who broke Mel Gibson's marriage.

Oksana, born in 1984 in Rostov-on-Don, started singing early. At 13, she began performing on stage in the project called Maloletka (Jailbait). The producers noticed her and soon the underaged star rocked Moscow dancefloors with her hits under the name of Akula (Shark). Finally, she released an album under her proper name - Oksana Pochepa.

She made her astonishing announcement after intense tabloid speculations about the state of the Gibsons' 28-year marriage, which was sparked after Mel Gibson was photographed embracing an unidentified woman on a Costa Rican beach last month.

The singer, 24, alleged she is the hot bikini-clad brunette in the pictures - and maintains she has fallen for Gibson.

Pochepa said, "This is serious and I hope that our union will be real and strong and long-lasting... We are different people, but Mel is a grown man and knows precisely what he wants and me too - I know what I want."

Gibson's wife Robyn filed for divorce on February 2009, citing "irreconcilable differences". The Gibsons wed in 1980 and have seven children. According to legal papers, Robyn is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the couple's youngest son, Tom. She is also asking for spousal support and attorney's fees.

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