Nashestvie 2009, sponsored by beer   /   Photo:

Nashestvie - Russian rock event of the year

The biggest names in Russian rock were among the 92 bands that played the three-day Nashestvie Festival. The annual festival took place in Tver Region, 115 km. (72 mi.) northwest of Moscow. Tickets cost 1000 rubles ($33) for all three days. Attendees were warned to bring their own food, but not soft fruit, which would be confiscated by the police. There were 4500 representatives of the law present to ensure order among the audience of 110,000. The concerts were broadcast live online for the first time this year.

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EUR / RUR 38,9131
RTS Index 1422.14
RTS Standard Index 9330.07
RTS-2 Index 1736.85
RTS Oil & Gas Index 170.26
RTS Consumer & Retail Index 320.58
RTS Metals & Mining Index 255.24
RTS Industrial Index 140.73
RTS Electric Utilities Index 242.89
RTS Telecom Index 199.72
RTS Financials Index 344.33
RTS Siberia Index 821.3