Yekaterina Bulgakova, 25, Russian Institute of Research for Atomic Reactors,
1st Russian nuclear bauty, posing on the beach   /   Photo:

Russia selects Nuclear Beauties 2009

Miss Atom 2009 beauty pageant has announced the winners on its official website. As usual, all the 350 contestants that competed for the title had one more thing in common, apart from being beautiful: they all work for the Russian nuclear industy.

The beauty contest, held this year for the sixth time, only features employees of nuclear energy agencies and research institutions.  This year's participants came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Lithuania. 

The first prize, a trip to Cuba, went to Yekaterina Bulgakova, legal consultant at the Institute of Research for Atomic Reactors (NIIAR). The second prize was awarded to Olga Golitsina, of the Urals Electro Chemical Center, and the third toAlena Kirsanova, employee of Atomic Energy Repairs.

Besides the contest's winners, the gallery features seven nuclear ladies who received the most votes.

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