Russian children protest against brutal seal slaughter   /   Photo: Tatyana Ionova

Action protests against baby seals slaughter

Moscow activists held an action against seals slaughter on Sunday, joining in the international protests against seal hunt.

The protest was aimed at raising awareness of cruel killings of baby seals at the White Sea, Russian coast of the Arctic Ocean. Every spring, environmental activists say, thousands of these cute animals get brutally killed just weeks after they are born.

Around 150 people holding posters and photographs of seals gathered in Moscow downtown Bolotnaya square, just across the river from the Kremlin.

In 2008, the International Fund for Animal Welfare gathered over 300,000 signatures against seal hunt in Russia, and passed them over to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Interfax reports. The Ministry is making slow headway, for instance, baby seal hunt has been officially banned, but seals older than one month are still subject to hunting.

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