US to study Russia’s offer to use Azerbaijan radar
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US to study Russia’s offer to use Azerbaijan radar

5 May, 10:52 PM

Washington will study Russia’s proposal to jointly use an early-warning radar in the Central Asian state of Azerbaijan.

"I understood from talking to Russian counterparts that the offer is still on the table," US envoy Rose Gottemoeller said Monday in an interview with the Interfax agency.

"I think personally that it is an offer the United States should be willing to explore," said the diplomat.

According to AFP, her comments have been confirmed by the State Department in Washington.

Back in 2007, Russia proposed sharing the radar facility in Gabala to the previous US administration under George W. Bush, AFP adds.

The offer was made to try to head off US plans to install an anti-ballistic missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic, which Russia considers a threat to its own security. But Bush did not take up the offer.

President Barack Obama has however held out the possibility of renewing dialogue with Russia on a number of questions, from nuclear disarmament to the US missile shield to which Russia is so fiercely opposed.

Russia leased the radar station from Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic, in a deal signed in 1991 after the break-up of the Soviet Union.


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