US buys Ukrainian fighter jets
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US buys Ukrainian fighter jets

11 May, 06:45 PM

The United States has bought two Su-27 fighter jets from Ukraine, reports, citing the website Strategy Page. The planes were delivered on an An-124 transport planes. They will be used to train American military pilots, who may face opponents in them.

In addition, the US military will use them to test its radar and electronic warfare equipment. China, India, Malaysia, Algeria, Venezuela and other countries have Su-27’s or the upgraded Su-30’s in their armed forces and the model continues to sell quite actively. The plane costs about $36 million, making it a cheaper alternative to the American F-15.

The Su-27, known in NATO as a Flanker, is made by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It was introduced in 1984. About 700 of them have been manufactured. Su-30’s are built under license in China and India. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov announced today that flight tests of a fifth-generation fighter plane will take place this year, and production of the plane, which will supersede the Su-27, will begin next year.

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