Russia's new ICBM fails at launch again
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Russia's new ICBM fails at launch again

17 Jul, 10:15 PM

Russia's latest test of its advanced submarine-launched ballistic missile Bulava has failed, with the missile self-destructing, the Defense Ministry announced Thursday.

The failure was the seventh in 11 test launches for the Bulava, and could have consequences for Russia's top missile designers and missile force commanders, AP writes.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement that the missile was fired Wednesday from the submarine Dmitry Donskoi, but its first-stage malfunctioned and the weapon self-destructed.

No other information was released.

Russian forces earlier this week conducted two successful tests of another less-advanced missile, the Sineva. Military analysts, however, had been closely watching for the latest, long-promised test of the Bulava.

Bulava is expected to be capable of penetrating missile defenses and is described as a key part of the military's future nuclear arsenal.

Bulava is the first missile to be designed and manufactured in post-Soviet Russia.

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