Kyrgyzstan holds presidential elections
Kurmanbek Bakiyev   /  Photo:

Kyrgyzstan holds presidential elections

23 Jul, 01:15 PM

Kyrgyzstan votes on Thursday in a presidential election, which will be watched closely for any signs of unrest that could disturb peace in Central Asia, Reuters writes.

From its nomadic settlements in the north to the ethnically divided south, Kyrgyzstan's 2.7 million voters will cast ballots in a poll likely to extend incumbent Kurmanbek Bakiyev's rule by another five years.

Kyrgyzstan is a Muslim nation at the heart of Russian-US rivalry in Central Asia and it has become important due to its proximity to Afghanistan. Both Moscow and Washington now maintain military bases in its mountainous territory.

Its stability is vital to efforts to stop the spread of radical Islam as a surge of violence in Afghanistan sends ripples of uncertainty across the former Soviet region, political analysts say.

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