Policeman killed in savage test for special forces
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Policeman killed in savage test for special forces

30 Apr, 12:20 PM

The widow of a killed Russian police officer has demanded an investigation into his death: the man received fatal injuries in a brutal fight with seven other policemen. The fight was part of a savage test practice designed to test whether recruits were tough enough for top jobs with the police special forces.  

Viktor Kritsenkov, 30 years old, was seeking employment at the elite “Bison” squadron, based in the Moscow Region.

As an unofficial entry test, the man had to stand at least several minutes of sparring against seven Bison officers at once, Life.ru reports.

In spite of his great physical strength, after the fight Kritsenkov had to be rushed to intensive care, where he died the next day.

His widow, Yekaterina, has demanded justice, saying that what happened to her husband was cold-blooded murder. She said that getting into the special forces was her husband’s dream.

An administrative investigation has been launched into the case, but the investigators say it will to be hard to launch a criminal case against the offenders. Such fights are quite frequent in Russia’s special forces.

“During such fights the participants are protected by gloves only,” a spokesman for the investigation committee said.

“That’s why before the sparring, all participants are warned of the danger and must sign a paper that relieves all other participants of responsibility in the event of an accident. By signing this paper, the man acknowledges he may receive serious injuries.”


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