Russian official complains rebels financed through Georgia, Azerbaijan
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Russian official complains rebels financed through Georgia, Azerbaijan

30 Apr, 05:13 PM

Rebel groups in the North Caucasus receive financing by couriers crossing the border into Russia from Georgia and Azerbaijan, according to a report issued today by Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, Izvestia newspaper writes. The Russian financial system is not being heavily used by rebel groups, Chaika added.

“Work to identify and stop abuse of office and corruption in the executive branch of government is especially timely in this regard,” Chaika noted. He listed “voluntary contributions,” money stolen from the government, income from illegal sales of petroleum products and income from counterfeiting and other criminal activities as sources of financing for rebel groups.

Georgia was quick to react to Chaika’s allegations. Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili stated later in the day that “Not a single case [of the funneling money through Georgia to finance Russian rebels] is known to us. In addition, we have never been informed by our Russian colleagues that anyone is carrying money through our territory.”

Chaika noted that efforts to cut off source of financing to the groups have been weak so far. In the last two years, only one person has been convicted of financing terrorism in Russia, he noted, pointing out the role of “emissaries of international terrorist organizations” in coordinating and financing terrorist activities in Russia.

The FSB claims it prevented 97 terrorist acts in Russia in 2008, including 50 targeting large groups of people, RIA Novosti notes.


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