UK rights activists defends banned Moscow Gay Pride parade
Moscow Pride in 2007   /  Photo:

UK rights activists defends banned Moscow Gay Pride parade

12 May, 01:36 PM

A prominent British human rights activist has praised the decision of Moscow gays to hold a Gay Pride parade that has been banned by the city authorities.

"Although I am determined to support our Russian and Belarusian comrades, like them I am anxious about what may happen to us. But we have to take some risks; otherwise the homophobes and authoritarians will win,” Peter Tatchell was quoted by as saying Monday.

"At Moscow Pride in 2007 I was beaten almost unconscious by right-wing extremists, while the police stood by and watched. They then arrested me."

There have been warnings that anyone joining the march will face "tough measures", and "I don't have much confidence that the Moscow police will accept our right to protest or that they will protect us against neo-Nazi violence," he said.

Gay Pride marches in Russia have a habit of attracting neo-Nazis to demonstrate against them. Gay rights activists say police often stand by while neo-fascists attack the demonstrations.

This Saturday's Moscow Gay Pride parade has been renamed Slavic Gay Pride to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality struggles in all Slavic countries, Russian and non-Russian.

It will coincide with the final of the Eurovision song contest which is being held later that night, also in Moscow.


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