Russian Foreign Minister demands explanations from Finland over child abduction
Elise Andre with her father   /  Photo:

Russian Foreign Minister demands explanations from Finland over child abduction

15 May, 07:33 PM

The Russian Interior Ministry has condemned a Finnish citizen who took his Russian son to Finland against his mother’s will.

Paavo Salonen reportedly took his son Anton Salonen, a Russian citizen, from his Russian mother by force, hid him several days at the Finland Consulate in St. Petersburg and then took him away to Finland.

Under Russian law, a parent cannot take a child abroad without the written notarized permission of the other parent.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday discussed the incident on the phone with his Finnish counterpart, Russian news agencies said.

Lavrov protested against the actions of Paavo Salonen and demanded explanations.

Last month, the media widely discussed the case of a French father and Russian mother locked in a custody battle over their five-year-old daughter Elisa Andre. Before the divorced parents finally managed to settle their dispute, they kidnapped the child from each other three times, she had to witness her father being beaten up and her mother put into prison.


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