Azerbaijan accused of nixing Armenia vote in Eurovision
Anush and Inga Arshakians   /  Photo:

Azerbaijan accused of nixing Armenia vote in Eurovision

18 May, 09:00 PM

Armenian Public Television has submitted a complaint to the organizational committee of the Eurovision 2009 song contest accusing Azeri contest officials of gross violation of the contest rules, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

The Azeris were virtually deprived of the possibility to vote for Armenia’s song in the final tournament,  Armenian website PanARMENIAN.Net reports.

According to a group of Azeri Internet users, during broadcasting of the Eurovision contest, the part of the screen with the phone number to call and vote for the song of the Armenian performers was hidden. The voting results showed that Azerbajan has not given Anush and Inga Arshakian a single point, PanARMENIAN.Net points out.

Anush and Inga Arshakian, who represented Armenia at the Eurovision international contest, are reported to have taken tenth place.

It is worth mentioning that Armenia gave 1 point to the song of the Azeri participants, Aysel Teimuradze and Arash, who scored 207 points and took third place.

The Azeris’ biased attitude towards their Armenian counterparts was also noticeable during the preparation for the song contest. reports that Azerbaijan urged the Eurovision 2009 organizational committee to remove the We and Our Mountains monument in Nagorno Karabakh from the video representing Armenia.

At the same time, the showing of the Iranian Maqbaratoshoara (mausoleum of poets in Tebriz) in the video representing the Azeri contestants was not considered inappropriate by the Azeri participants.

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