Gunman blames lack of love for Baku school massacre

Gunman blames lack of love for Baku school massacre

18 May, 01:56 PM

Police have found a video message recorded by the man who opened fire at an Azerbaijan school, killing 17 people and wounding 10 last month. In the video recorded on a mobile phone the murderer tells of his plans to commit a mass killing.

Farda Gadirov, 29, shot himself as the police tried to detain him on April 30, at the Azerbaijan Oil Academy, the country’s most prestigious school located in the capital city of Baku.

In his house at the settlement of Dashtepe the police found, among other evidence, a message saying ‘Look into the camera to see who I am,’ RIA Novosti reports quoting Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry.

On the killer’s mobile phone, police found a video Gadirov had made of himself, in which he says that hatred and lack of love are driving him to commit a crime.

“There is no love for me, there is just hatred, I’m going to Baku, there I will shoot at anyone I meet regardless of their age, I won’t give in to the police, I will enjoy the killing,” Gadirov says on the video.

After that, he puts on a wolf’s mask and fires a pistol.

The police are looking for alleged allies of Gadirov. So far two people have been detained and charged with attacking the Academy’s students and illegal possession of arms and drugs.


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