Pornography outlawed in Ukraine, unless it's “medicinal”
Photo: Aleksander Zhadan

Pornography outlawed in Ukraine, unless it's “medicinal”

30 Jun, 10:34 PM

Possession of pornography is now a criminal offense in Ukraine, reports, after Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed a law to that effect today. Human rights activists and members of the Ukrainian artistic community had asked the president to veto the law.

The draft of the law was prepared by the Ukrainian government. It was passed by the Ukrainian parliament, the Supreme Rada, on June 11.

Now pornography can be kept only “for medical purposes,” according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice. The ministry also warns that possession of a large number of identical images will be considered evidence of trading in pornography, which is also criminalized.

Punishment for possession of pornography will include fines and imprisonment for up to three years.

Tags: freedom of speech, pornography, Ukraine

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