German millionaire detained in Moscow over knife attack on Russian girlfriend

German millionaire detained in Moscow over knife attack on Russian girlfriend

28 Jul, 02:23 PM

Russian police have arrested a German businessman, who cut up his Russian mistress Elena with a kitchen knife and threw her out of the window from their rented Moscow apartment, Russian website reports. Nilolaus Dortenbach was arrested at Domodedovo airport, while he was trying to run away to Germany.

The bloody drama was played out on Monday at about 11.00 Moscow time on Timiryazevskaya Street.

“At about 11.00 I noticed a blood-stained woman, lying on the ground in front of the building,” an unnamed eyewitness told the police. “I called the emergency services and rushed to help her at once. She was still alive. I asked her, 'Who did that?' She could barely answer me that it was her husband Nikolaus. Not long after I saw a well-dressed men of about forty leaving the building, and in my opinion he was very nervous.”

More dead than alive, Elena was taken to hospital, where doctors say her condition is very serious.

“The woman has been cut with a knife all over. She has face, breast, neck and back lacerations. Also her feet and some other bones have broken as a result of fall.” The doctors said.  

Police quickly sent his details to all the Moscow airports and several hours later Nikolaus Dortenbach was arrested at Sheremetyevo airport making an attempt to escape to Germany.

“My client has a big business in Germany. And he just wanted to open a branch of his company in Moscow. Nikolaus met Elena long ago. But they were not married. Nikolaus has a wife and two children in Germany,” Dortenbach’s lawyer said.

The reason for the attack is still unknown. 

"I’m very well-dressed. He chose me because I’m better dressed than the other suspects.” Nikolaus Dortenbach said.


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