Communists urge Madonna to change outfit, repertoire for Russian concert

Communists urge Madonna to change outfit, repertoire for Russian concert

28 Jul, 09:31 PM

Communists of Petersburg and the Leningrad Region addressed pop star Madonna, who is going to give a concert on Dvortsovaya Square in St. Petersburg on August 2, and urged her to "to mind where the concert will be held."

"It is not only the historical center of the most beautiful city in the world, but it is also the place where the Great October Socialist Revolution and the storming of the Winter Palace took place, where revolutionary soldiers and sailors arrested the damned Provisional Government," the Communists said in their address, quoted by Interfax.

They suggested that Madonna include a revolutionary song in her repertoire on Dvortsovaya Square. The Communists urge the singer to "understand her responsibility when singing smash hits in such a key place."

"It is not a place for moving your hips, wearing frivolous cloths and pole dancing. It requires modest dress, melodic songs and sticking to moral norms," the address stresses.

The Communists also suggested Madonna replenish her wardrobe with a red-banded peakless cap, a sailor's jacket, a striped vest, a Mauser gun and, "certainly, the red flag of labor."

Besides, Communists "are offended" that Madonna is going to bring her food with her.

"Russian cuisine is much better than the English one with its sticky oatmeal porridge and sugary puddings. Taste our pancakes, schi (cabbage soup) and fresh milk and you will understand how much you have missed in your life," the authors assured her in their message.

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