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New Bigfoot activity noted in Siberia New Bigfoot activity noted in Siberia

16 Apr, 05:30 PM 41 comments

There have been numerous discoveries of large humanoid footprints near an isolated cave in southwestern Siberia. A noted expert has traveled to the site and confirmed the presence of the bigfoot activity. Difficult conditions are hampering the investigation, however.

Tags: Bigfoot, yeti, abominable snowman, Kemerovo Region

Siberians complain about Bigfoot’s appetite Siberians complain about Bigfoot’s appetite

14 May, 02:47 PM 68 comments

The Shor people of Siberia gather wild leeks in the forest this time of year. This year, however, they are having trouble finding it. Something is getting there first, and leaving behind huge footprints.

Tags: Bigfoot, yeti, Siberia

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