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Birthrate rising in Russia, at last Birthrate rising in Russia, at last

22 Jul, 06:32 PM 108 comments

The birthrate is rising in Russia, with 788,400 new Russian citizens born in the first half of the year. They included two sets of quadruplets.

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EUR / RUR 40,3582
RTS Index 1766.7
RTS Standard Index 11425.39
RTS-2 Index 2233.36
RTS Oil & Gas Index 196.96
RTS Consumer & Retail Index 429.22
RTS Metals & Mining Index 350.77
RTS Industrial Index 210.28
RTS Electric Utilities Index 274.85
RTS Telecom Index 265.25
RTS Financials Index 462.09
RTS Siberia Index 998.84
Russian Volatility Index 22.3465