Court confiscates DJ’s apartment for loud music

Court confiscates DJ’s apartment for loud music

10 Mar, 03:15 PM

A court has ruled to expropriate a man’s apartment and sell it after repeated complaints from neighbors that he was listening to loud music day and night, news agencies report. Viktor Zotov, a resident Pervouralsk city in Russia’s Urals region, claims that as a DJ he had to play music in preparation for his shows.

Neighbors who share the block of flats with Zotov, DJ at a local night club, started complaining in 2006, when he first moved in and began playing disco hits around the clock, ignoring regulations that prohibit loud noise after 22:00.

“I am a DJ. I listen to some really loud music during the day. I mean I don’t listen to it after 22:00, unless we have friends come over. At least not when I’m sober,” Zotov, or DJ ‘Brooklin’, told the Russian Vesti TV channel. “Can’t I listen to music? Isn’t that a violation of my rights? ”

After repeated requests to Zotov to keep the noise level down failed to help, the neighbors appealed to the local administration. However neither the regular police visits, nor the fines the musician was frequently obliged to pay could persuade him to keep quiet.

Finally, after Zotov ignored the official last warning, the city administration took the case to court and on March 3, the court decided in favor of the claimant.

According to the ruling, Zotov’s apartment is now to be sold at a public auction, and the money, minus the legal costs, returned to him.

Viktor Zotov feels the ruling is unfair, and filed a protested against it Tuesday, Ria Novosti news agency adds.

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