Court orders compensation to girl who swallowed dentist’s tool
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Court orders compensation to girl who swallowed dentist’s tool

17 Mar, 11:20 PM


A court in Russia’s Saratov Region has ruled that the girl who swallowed a dental file while having her teeth treated at the dentist’s, should be compensated for moral and physical damage.

The girl, aged five, was seeing a dentist in late December, and while having the canal in of her teeth cleared, she managed to swallow the metallic dental file her doctor was using, Regnum news agency reports. A dental file is a sharp instrument used for removing dead or damaged tissue from the root canal of a tooth.

The girl was rushed to hospital, and the file was removed, but as a consequence of having it in her stomach the girl developed a post-traumatic gastritis.

After careful examination of the complaint filed by the girl’s parents against the dental clinic, the court satisfied it and ordered 30,000 rubles, or $850 to be paid by the clinic in compensation of moral and physical damages.

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