Expedition sets off in Siberia to check Bigfoot sightings
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Expedition sets off in Siberia to check Bigfoot sightings

23 Mar, 02:50 PM

A scientific expedition is setting out to the mountains in Russia’s Siberia to explore the recent reports of bigfoot sightings, Itar Tass reports Monday.

The two-day expedition will take scientists to the cave located 120 km off Tashtagol town in Kemerovo Region, where local hunters spotted huge human-like creatures.

“We intend to find certain proofs, study the landscape, and conclude whether bigfoots could live there,” Director of the International Center for Hominology, Igor Burtsev, told journalists ahead of the trip.

Burtsev, who has been looking for the relict hominid for over forty years, said he was sure that “bigfoots were reality”.

The local administration has so far received 14 written reports from residents of far-off villages who allegedly saw yetis near the Azasskaya cave. According to the reports, the creatures were heavyset, about two meters’ tall and looking a lot like bears. Their bodies were covered in red and black fur, and they could climb trees.

The cave that is to be examined during the expedition is several kilometers long, passing under a riverbed. Burtsev will be accompanied by ethnography professor Valery Kimeyev, representatives of local administration, and several of the hunters who reported the sightings.

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