Nude photos of Miss Russia 2009 leak on the Net
Sophia posing naked   /  Photo:

Nude photos of Miss Russia 2009 leak on the Net

23 Mar, 12:55 PM

The girl who was last month crowned Miss Russia 2009 , appears to have her nude photos all over the Internet.

It turns out that Sophia Rudyeva, professional model from St. Petersburg, was photographed a while ago for US ‘Perfect 10’ magazine, an edition that publishes nude pictures of ‘all natural’ girls from all over the world. The pictures were first available to paid customers of the magazine’s online version, .

However, after the girl was named Russia’s most beautiful woman, her nude photos became available for free. Then, other photographers started claiming they were in possession of Sophia's erotic photographs. 

Miss Russia 2009 was unavailable for comments. She is likely to face questions about her age at the time of the erotic photo shooting: Sophia only turned 18 in November 2008.

In a similar scandal last week, Russian participant of 'World's Best Job' contest, Julia Yalovitsina, was eliminated from the contest after porn movies she had taken part in became available on Youtube.

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