Belarusian military studies faster-than-light communications

Belarusian military studies faster-than-light communications

7 Apr, 05:33 PM

Military scientists have held a seminar at the Belarusian Military Academy on the defensive uses of torsion waves including the possibility of sending military information faster than the speed of light, the state Belta news agency reports, citing the Belarusian Defense Ministry press service. Attendees discussed the theoretical application of torsion waves, as well as results of experimentation in that field and the possibility of creating a torsion field generator.

Belta explains that the ability of torsion waves to travel many times faster than the speed of light opens up new opportunities for communications and operating systems. They also have military applications, such as the strengthening of armor. Scientific interest in torsion fields is growing, according to Belta, and studies are underway at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Scientific Center for Venture and Nontraditional Technology, which is also in Russia.

They may not be shaking in their boots at the Pentagon yet, however. The scientific applications of torsion fields were first explored in the Soviet Union in the 1970s using a novel interpretation of the Einstein-Cartan theory. A state center was set up for the study of torsion fields, but it was closed in 1991 under a cloud of financial scandal. Attempts by the Interdisciplinary Scientific Center for Venture and Nontraditional Technology to obtain government funding have been rebuffed, and its findings (such as the use of torsion fields to strengthen copper) have been disproved.

Torsion waves have been cited to account for telepathy, clairvoyance, ESP, miracle health cures and other phenomena. An online course in their application is offered by Gaia Illumination University.

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