Russia, US agree on $51 million price for Soyuz space trip

Russia, US agree on $51 million price for Soyuz space trip

13 May, 02:15 PM

Russian space agency Roskosmos and NASA have reached agreement on the price of a flight for US astronauts on the Russian Soyuz space shuttle.

Starting 2012, the flight will cost $51 million, head of Roskosmos, Aleksei Krasnov, said in Moscow on Wednesday.

“We have approved with our American partners the sum of $51 million, starting from 2012,” Krasnov was quoted by Itar Tass as saying.

According to Krasnov, the cost of the ride on the Soyuz, the three-seat spacecraft currently used to carry people to the ISS and back, will depend on the inflation rate.

Prices for tourist flights will also grow inline with inflation and the foreign currency exchange rate, Krasnov added.

The head of Roskosmos said the future of space tourism depended on the amount of Russian astronauts working at the orbital station.

If Russia has three cosmonauts working at the ISS at the same time, the Soyuz capsule will have no vacant space left to seat space tourists, he said.

Meanwhile, Roskosmos and Space Adventures are selecting candidates for the possible September flight to the Space Station.


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