6 foreign satellites launched from Baikonur on Russian rocket
AprizeSat 4   /  Photo: www.novosti-kosmonavtiki.ru

6 foreign satellites launched from Baikonur on Russian rocket

30 Jul, 10:39 PM

Russia fired six foreign satellites into orbit from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan, Russian military spokesman Alexander Vovk said Wednesday.

"Six satellites, namely the DubaiSat-1, Deimos 1, UK-DMC 2, Nanosat 1B, AprizeSat 3, AprizeSat 4 were put in orbit by the Russian launcher Dnepr," Vovk told Interfax.

The rocket was launched at 22:46 Moscow time, he added.

The emirates' satellite DubaiSat-1 has been designed for soil surveys, said Interfax. Spain's Nanosta 1B will be used for experiments in nanotechnology.

Britain's Deimos-1 and UK-DMC 2 are part of a constellation of satellites to be used for disaster monitoring, built by the British company SSTL.

Spain's Deimos will be used for agricultural and environmental research.

Argentina's satellites, AprizeSat 3 and AprizeSat 4, were both for telecommunications, said the agency.

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